Our Story

We all have a Fat Grandpa.

  • He’s the guy who tells an inappropriate joke too often, too loud, and usually to the wrong crowd.
  • His fashion sense is questionable, and he proudly displays his beer belly whenever possible.
  • He likes to “tell you how it is” based on dubious facts and revised personal history.
  • He doesn’t give a you know what, and that’s what makes him so great.

My Fat Grandpa was my Dad, Daniel E. Freitas, whose wit, personality, charm, and confidence made him more than just another guy you met once and forgot about later; he kept you smiling long after you said goodbye.

After my dad passed away, I developed this Fat Grandpa character to honor his memory and give homage to every other guy out there who isn’t afraid to say: “Here I am world! Take it or leave it!”

While he was still with us, my wife and I told him we called him “Fat Grandpa” when telling our dogs who was coming to visit. He wasn’t thrilled with his nickname, but in classic Fat Grandpa style said: “If the shoe fits…”

Now the only question is, who is your Fat Grandpa? If you are buying for yourself—welcome to the club! If my Dad were alive he would crack open a cold one in your honor. If it’s for someone else, these unique gifts are sure to please or piss off the recipient. Either way, I know Dad would be happy.


Jeff Freitas

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11 Oz. Mug


16 Oz. Stadium Cup


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Adhesive Notepad (color)


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Chef’s Hat


Long Sleeve Fleece Jacket


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Long Sleeve Sweatshirt


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Short Sleeve T-shirt (Color)


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